Bob the Robin Redbreast from Everett, PA

Bob the Robin Redbreast Infant BoddysuitWhen I saw Bob the Robin Redbreast back in 2018, he was the smart aleck in a group of four robins that adopted an empty field as their home.  That was in the spring at Everett, PA.  It had everything they needed:  trees, bugs, water, and shade.  They rarely left it.  They were either stalking unwary grass dwellers or singing from the treetops. But they rarely left.

Bob was a bit unusual.  His feathers raised up a bit more Bob the Robin Redbreast Ladies' T-shirt Many Colors and Sizesthan normal.  He seemed to be the young one in the group, but he was just as loud and just as active.  I got a lot of pictures of those robins during the week I visited Everett.

Bob wasn't very afraid.  He would come much closer than the others.  I got quite a few closeups of Bob.  I did get some fine ones of the other robins, usually on bare branches at the tops of trees, and always at more of a distance.

Bob the Robin Redbreast Youth T-Shirt Choose your color, style, and sizeThe pose on the items on this page came from when I caught him standing on a small wooden sign.  It was a perfect pose.  As far as a full body shot, it was the best one I took.  There are some that would make great head shots though.

I went back to that same field a mere 3 months later.  Bob and all of his friends were gone.  Like many birds, they move around and they have a heck of a migration south for the winter.  

Robins can live up to about 5 years, but the average life Bob the Robin Redbreast Men's T-shirtspan is much shorter.  Many do not reach 2 years.  That's a shame.
When I worked on Bob's picture, I was struck by something.  Bob is missing a nail on his right foot.  If you look very close at his picture, you can see that the toe on the extreme left side of the picture (Bob's right side) doesn't have the nail.  Initially, I thought I had goofed up, but no, Bob has a minor physical condition.

Bob never let it bother him.  He was just as happy as the other birds.

Be like Bob.

Be happy.


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